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Thank you for doing a great job on my wedding cake topper. It turned out exactly the way I wanted it. You guys did a great job. I love it !  

---------- Maribel, Norwood, MA ----------
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Climbing Firefighter Tan Gear Groom with Bride

This firefighter Groom in his tan gear is climbing a ladder to get to his Bride. Great firefighter wedding cake topper!


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These adorable Deer Lovers Bride and Groom will bring years of enjoyment as you remember your special day!


Perfect Match Dark Brown Bride and Caucasian Bald Groom

This Bald Cake Top figurine creates the perfect presentation of "True Romance". A stylish Bride and Dashing Groom that truly reflects a memorable combination of you and your beloved.


Monster's Ball Gray Skin

Your guests will be chilled to the bone watching this Frankenstein couple dance at their Monsters Ball.