Our Special Day Nurse Bride with Doctor Groom

Our Special Day Nurse Bride with Doctor Groom


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Our Special Day Color Examples Flesh Skin Tones We offer 4 skin tones, Caucasian or Light Skin, Light, Medium and Dark Brown. Most of our products are manufactured and shown in Caucasian, but all can be made with a darker tone. We cannot lighten skin tone. Caucasian /Light Light Brown Medium Brown Dark Brown Hair Color We offer 12 Hair Colors in JW Caketops. Blond Blond (Dirty/Dark) Blond (Strawberry) Brown (Light) Brown (Medium) Brown (Dark) Brown (Reddish) Black Grey Red Salt & Pepper White Bride Gown Bodice We offer 2 Gown Bodice for Our Special Day. Strapless Long Sleeve Groom Facial Hair Styles We offer 6 Groom Facial Hair Styles for Our Special Day. Mustache Goatee no Mustache Goatee with Mustache Full Beard with Mustache Soul Patch with Mustache Soul Patch no Mustache
Our Special Day is our most popular and versatile wedding couple. Elegantly posed as they start their new life together on their special day.

Height - 4.5 inches
Diameter - 2 inches
Weight - 2 ounces
Made of Matte Resin


Enhance the presentation of your cake top by placing it on a lovely Display Base.


Dozens of different styles available to showcase your treasured keepsake.


Imagine how beautiful your cake top can forever be, by displaying it in an exquisite Glass Dome!

For additional customizations such as Military, Firefighters, Nurse, Occupations, Stylized Long Hair, Colored Gowns, etc., please E-mail us.
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